Massage Therapy is a natural approach to pain relief, injury recovery, and stress management. It can be beneficial to people of all ages as treatments are tailored to individual needs to produce lasting results. Massage Therapy is commonly used to provide relief from problems including:

  • Back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Stress relief and management
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle-related conditions such as sprains, strains, and spasms
  • Circulatory and respiratory problems
  • Post-injury and pre/post- surgical rehabilitation
  • Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis
  • Discomfort during pregnancy

All treatments are designed around the client’s needs as an individual approach produces lasting results.

Relaxation Massage
Relaxation Massage is a form of Swedish Massage that primarily focuses on promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. Light to medium pressure is applied to the body to calm the nervous system and facilitate well-being.

Sports-Related Injury
Sports Massage is suitable for all phases of training and treatment varies based on the particular stage: before an event, after, or during recovery. Whether you are a professional athlete or are a weekend warrior, Massage Therapy can assist with improving muscle elasticity, healing after injury and breaking down scar tissue.

Lymphatic Drainage
The lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining efficient fluid metabolism, immune function and detoxification. Lymphatic Drainage addresses the accumulation of toxins that result in low energy, fatigue, and muscle soreness. A specialized technique is applied to increase lymphatic flow and release fluid buildup and assist with detoxification.

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage is a specialized form of Swedish Massage that addresses common symptoms such as low back pain, calf cramping, restless sleep, and swelling of extremities. Prenatal massage may also help promote skin elasticity and increase blood and lymph circulation.

Any of these treatments can be combined to suit your specific needs. Included in your treatment time an assessment will be performed with your consent to help determine the most appropriate techniques to reach your treatment goals.

30 MIN / $60  60 MIN / $90  90 MIN / $120

For all new clients, you are entitled to receive $15 off your first visit on a 60 minutes massage.

Call us at (416) 205-9642 if you have any questions or if you would like to book an appointment.

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