BIPOC Scholarship

Our winter session starts Jan 2021

BIPOC Scholarship

Our winter session starts Jan 2021
At Yoga Tree we strive to make our Yoga Teacher Training Program accessible to everyone.

Every term, we are honoured to offer one full support scholarship for a BIPOC student who would like to participate in Yoga Tree’s Yoga Teacher Training Program.  

We are accepting applications from BIPOC individuals and give priority to applicants who want to intentionally share their yoga education with their community in a meaningful way.

apply for a full scholarship

enrolment into Yoga Tree’s Yoga Teacher Training Program

1. Submit application form.

2. Once submitted, your application will be considered by a panel of staff, faculty, and YTT alumni.

3. Scholarship applications will be reviewed 2 weeks after the early bird date of the next available YTT program. Scholarship recipient will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Please check this page for the latest information and updates on the next scholarship application process.

Congratulations to Lena, recipient of the October 2020 Scholarship


Lena P.

Lena (she/her) is a critical urbanist with a background in participatory research, design justice and program development. She has lived and worked in Canada and internationally in support of community-driven initiatives addressing systemic oppression. She began practicing yoga as a teenager and, in every new environment since, she has consistently sought out a yoga practice and community.

Being able to access safer, accountable and anti-oppressive spaces and teachers – particularly those led by BIPOC practitioners – has been critical to furthering her yoga practice as well as facilitating physical/emotional healing and well-being. Through this training, she hopes to further diversify the yoga sector as well as bring accessible/affordable offerings to BIPOC communities existing most at the margins, especially Black communities. As an instructor, she intends to engage activists, artists, low-wage earners, grassroots organizers, those living at the intersection of multiple identities/experiences, and young people in/leaving care and/or engaged in the justice system.

Congratulations to STACEY AND KENNISHA, recipients of July 2020 Scholarship

Stacey C

For a year, I took hot yoga classes to rehab my leg and knee because none of the specialist could figure out what was wrong. Since then, I've always believed in the value of yoga for mental and physical health. I'm hoping to learn how to use and do modified poses for people with various injuries and limitations.

Kennisha A

I began to pursue my passions to address health disparities and social determinants of racism that disproportionately affect many BIPOC in Toronto. I want to be able to use Yoga Tree's teacher training certification to create more opportunities for Black people to feel reflected within the wellness community. I would love to be able to contribute to diverse staff in studios and create greater comfort for people of colour to begin a yoga practice. As well as teaching yoga classes centered around topics such as trauma, grief, and Black joy. I want to be able to contribute or create a wellness hub targeted towards the Black Community with holistic services such as trauma-informed yoga, yoga targeted at health concerns with a large presence in Black communities, access to diverse therapists and overall prioritizing BIPOC needs in their health and wellness journey

Have Questions?

Have Questions?

Further inquiries can be directed to our Teacher Training Program co-ordinator, or feel free to come to our next info session to learn more about the program and review frequently asked questions.



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