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Yoga Tree has become such a great part of my life. I was a wandering lone yogini for many years. People ask me how long I have been practicing yoga for, and I always answer “about 10 years, on and off, more off than on!” I had tried different studios in the Greater Toronto Area, but I never found one that resonated with me enough for me to stay there. Some studios had great teachers, but the schedule or the style of yoga didn’t work for me, or it was too much of a commute. I started at Yoga Tree as an Energy Exchange Volunteer, and then became part of the team. It was a blessing for me because I had been asking the universe for a job and a place where I could commit to my yoga practice and have it advance. Since joining Yoga Tree, my community has expanded and my yoga practice has been able to grow in a supportive environment.

What I love about “The Tree” (as I call it), is the variety of students that come here. It is a mixed variety of people from different cultures, varying ages and walks of life, and enjoying different styles of yoga. What I appreciate about Yoga Tree is that the individual needs of the students are respected and we are encouraged to listen and respect the needs of our bodies. Aside from the various styles of yoga that are offered, you can observe that each teacher has their own style. A Hatha Flow class with one teacher can be a different experience from a Hatha Flow class with another teacher. I always encourage the students to explore the schedule, try out different teachers and also the different studios (Hey, why not? If you have access to 4 different studios, you might as well get your money’s worth!). Every teacher has something different to offer and you can always pick up at least a nugget of knowledge from each one.

Now Yoga Tree will be growing our online community. Sometimes we come out of a class and we have more questions; questions such as: How is my alignment in this pose? How should I eat before and after a class? And, what is Iyengar yoga? Yoga allows us to expand and explore deeper. Now we are reaching out to you, to have another avenue to engage with you and answer your questions. What questions do you have? What more do you want to know about yoga or the yoga lifestyle? Let us know! Let’s talk! Our teachers and the community will respond in order to support your growth.

If you have any suggestions for topics or have any questions, email us at

Contributing Author: Kathy Ong
Kathy is the Studio Coordinator for Yoga Tree and works at the Richmond Hill location. She is a Reiki Master and Holistic Practitioner.


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