Yoga Tree's Hold Policy

Effective September 1st, 2018

Can I put my membership on hold? Can’t use the studio right now? 

Eligible members are able to put their unlimited monthly membership on hold.  Placing your membership on hold allows you to avoid the hassle of rejoining when you’re ready to practice with us.

Month to Month (unlimited) Memberships are eligible for Yoga Tree’s Hold Policy as follows:

Members who have completed minimum 4 months on their month-to-month unlimited membership are eligible for a complimentary hold for up to 60 days per calendar year, for a minimum of 7 days in length.

Members who have completed less than 4 months of month-to-month unlimited membership may also put their membership on hold for up to 60 days per calendar year, for a minimum of 7 days in length for a low-fee of $10 per hold.

Holds must be a minimum of 7 days in length. More than one hold is permitted provided that the combined total of all holds does not exceed 60 days per calendar year.

Holds cannot be backdated.

Month to Month Membership: current month will be extended and payment dates will be adjusted forward by the number of days on hold.

72 Hours Notice Required: 

Note that we require at least 72 hours’ notice to review and process requests.

72 hours advance notice must be provided via in person or email to

A confirmation number will be provided to you and keep this on record in order to verify the request has been processed successfully by Yoga Tree.  Holds will not be considered processed until you receive a hold confirmation number from Yoga Tree. 

Requests received less than 72 hours in advance will be processed as soon as possible but without guarantee of matching your requested start date or preventing a scheduled Month-to-Month Membership billing.

Medical Holds: With a note from your attending physician, we can free your membership for a maximum of 12 months. No service fee or monthly dues apply for medical holds on your auto-renew memberships.  Visit our studio in person to complete proper documentation to request a medical hold.


Please note that you cannot put the $75 membership on hold.