Lessons from Yoga Tree Teacher Training

yttgradsTeaching yoga can be incredibly rewarding and an opportunity to do what you love every day and get paid for it! Whether you intend to teach or just deepen your practice, our Teacher Training will provide you with all kinds of lessons and memorable experiences. Yoga Tree has two different formats for Teacher Training (YTT) – one month intensive and weekend format. This summer we will be offering two sessions of the one month intensive in July at Bay and Dundas and in August at the Vaughan location. The weekend format will be offered for Fall 2016 at Bay and Dundas, and Winter 2016 at Yonge and Eglinton. If you are interested in taking part in our Teacher Training program you can find more information under the ‘Teacher Training’ tab on our website. I have asked Shirley – one of the graduates of the Teacher Training program, for some insight from her experience…

What was your biggest take away from the Teacher Training program?
Shirley: This is a great question and a difficult one as there’s been so much I’ve learned in this program! Aside from furthering my physical practice there were many components of the course I enjoyed, the connections, teacher’s support, and the breakdown of an asana with adjustments.

At what point in your practice did you know you were ready to participate in YTT?
Shirley: I can’t pinpoint it to one time but it started with an idea and then sat on it for a while and then one day my heart told me it’s time to sign up! As unplanned as it may have been, taking this leap was a great decision. Sometimes our heart knows before our mind does.

What was the greatest challenge in YTT?
Shirley: The greatest challenge in YTT is believing in yourself and your abilities. There’s times I would experience self doubt but with lots of friends around me and their encouragements it brought me up. One of the greatest advice or note Jason mentioned in class is to teach 20 classes before you decide whether or not teaching is for you. It takes time to develop yourself as a teacher, even though you graduate with the certificate, your teaching is just starting and there’s lots of room for growth.

What do you hope to do with your certification? What are others doing with theirs?
Shirley: Some have started teaching at Yoga Tree already! How exciting! I’m continuing my teach my first 20 classes externally of Yoga Tree with beginners as I develop my teaching. I am also working towards kids yoga as I have a studies in Child & Youth Care.

What makes Yoga Tree’s teacher training unique?
The teachers and program structure. The faculty teachers and teachers at Yoga Tree are there to encourage and support your studies. They all want you to graduate and are happy to help. The program has tests and assignments that help the information taught stick. To graduate we actually have to teach 3 practice classes externally and that helps us get over our nerves.



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