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At Yoga Tree, we know that all of our students are at different stages in their practices; we encourage you to cultivate your practice by selecting a class that’s appropriate for you. When you find the right class, you will experience greater body awareness and unlock countless benefits from your yoga practice.

If you need more guidance, one of our Yoga Advisors can guide you through selecting the right teachers and classes at your local studio.

YogaTree Class Level 1

Level 1

Our teachers create these classes to be suitable for beginners with some knowledge of yoga, and for students of all ages and fitness levels: no significant experience or flexibility required. You will begin by focusing on the basics guided by detailed instructions on how to perform each posture with correct alignment. Each class is dynamic and will encourage you to challenge yourself and push your boundaries. Options are offered throughout the class for varying degrees of strength and/or flexibility. Most of the postures are easily modified to fit the individual needs of the practitioner. You will be encouraged to work at your level, and to honour your body and limitations in the present moment. You will go deeper into each posture when you feel you’re ready in our supportive, non-competitive environment. These classes will help you become more familiar with the flow of a yoga class.

YogaTree Class Level 1-2

Level 1-2

This is a multi-level class focused on developing synchronization of breath and the logical flow of movement to build strength and balance in your practice. You will dive deeper into all asanas with a non-aggressive approach and modest pace for a more open, graceful body and greater self-awareness. The teacher will begin to link postures and guide you through flows of movement incorporating two or more asanas. You will also be introduced to inversions, taking your body upside down and feeling the great effects. This class is open to those who have a good understanding of yoga’s foundational postures.

YogaTree Class Level 2

Level 2

A more vigorous approach than our level 1 yoga classes, these classes will keep you moving at a moderate pace and hold strength building poses longer to create internal heat, while still leaving time for practitioners to refine alignment. You will explore deeper variations and more advanced asanas to challenge your strength and flexibility. Our teachers are always looking for new and creative ways to keep you on your toes and offer something new to keep these classes interesting and fun. Level 2 classes are geared towards intermediate students wanting to take their practice to the next level.

YogaTree Class Level 2-3

Level 2-3

This intermediate/advanced level class blends our integrative style of yoga with more challenging poses and breathing techniques. Students should be familiar with inversions and backbends and ready to challenge their body and take it to the next level. The pace of these classes is faster and you will explore dynamic flowing sequences, deeper backbends and advanced inversions. The creative flows and complex postures offered by the teacher will help you to challenge the limits of your strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. The teacher will help you to achieve breakthroughs in your practice and invigorate your body.

Level 3

These classes are geared towards advance students, yoga teachers and teacher training graduates who have an established practice. This advanced level class will take you beyond the intermediate postures. You will be challenged with advanced twists, inversions, backbends and arm balances to increase internal strength and create deeper openings in the body. These classes are created to challenge all aspects of your practice and to help you find ease and grace in the asanas. You will be directed by subtle alignment cues to integrate with your own deep understanding of how to engage your body to intensify the mind-body connection.

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