A Recap of Earth Hour

On March 29th, Yoga Tree Studios had the privilege of holding a candlelit class during Earth Hour. At each of our locations, students came in to experience the World Wildlife Fund Earth Hour in the best way we know how, with a blissful yoga class! The attendance at each of our studios was high, and we were both excited and honored to see so many students show their support for this important event.

At our Richmond Hill location, our candlelit event was sold out! We’re so sorry that we had to turn anyone away! It was humbling to see so many people wanting to be a part of our event, and we really would have liked for everyone to attend. Amanda was accompanied by a live band, enhancing the atmosphere to an awesome degree. Due to the class’ popularity, it’s fairly safe to say that we will have a similar event happening in the future, so please stay tuned!

At our downtown location, we had twenty-five people in attendance. The reception was fantastic! From all of the students and teachers, we heard about a sense of peace and serenity within the glow of candlelight. The intention of the practice, to join consciousness for the sake of the Earth, was in high form, and you could feel the energy within the room. It proved to be an awe-inspiring class for everyone.

At our Midtown location, we were treated to a live performance by our very own Jelayna da Silva! With twenty-five people in attendance, Jelayna astonished us with her gorgeous voice and helped to create a perfect atmosphere for the candlelit class. A big thank you to Jelayna for sharing her voice and her spirit with us that night!

Finally, our Vaughn studio welcomed sixteen people to its Earth Hour class. Well-received and well-rested students came out of class to thank both the teachers and staff for a magical evening. A big thank you for all who came out for the experience!

On social media, we encouraged our students to tell us what their intentions for Earth Hour would be. A big thank you to everyone who responded! Many people sent us some reflections pertaining to their relationship with the world around them, while others shared with us their own personal reflections for the life they are leading, and the places they would like to go in the future. With every new admission, a story grew. It became clear that Earth Hour wasn’t only a time to shut off the lights. It was a time to love, to grow, and to offer humility to the world we belong to. It’s a time to show commitment, and Yoga Tree Studios is so pleased to see that commitment in everyone who attended.

When the final donations were tallied, we raised over $1000 for the WWF Earth Hour! Incredible! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone for their participation and support in this event. Rest assured, the success of this will carry on into the year and we will keep you posted for any similar events in the near future.



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