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My YTT Journey: Shima

Meet Shima, one of our Yoga Teacher Training Graduates that calls Yoga Tree their home!



How and when did you discover yoga?
I discovered yoga about 3 years ago. I have been in Canada for 3 and a half years. After moving to Toronto I started to work in the Architectural office. Because of the immigration challenges plus working in a stressful work environment, I started having anxiety attacks. I started to practice yoga to control and manage my mental and physical health issues.

When did you decide you wanted to be an instructor?
After a year of consistent practice, I came to realize how much Yoga has been effective to settle my new life. I decided to go deeper to the practice and grow in the yoga community to share my practice and experience with the other people.

Why did you choose Yoga Tree to pursue your training?
Yoga Tree is my first yoga studio in Toronto. I remember my first yoga class experience in the Midtown location was so lovely. As a new immigrant you always looking for a place that feels warm and welcoming. And I simply found Yoga Tree as a safe and supportive community to grow in my yoga journey.

What was your favourite part of training?
I came into the training with a lot of anxiety around cueing and sequencing and also my English skill in comparison to native-speaking students. I believe the teacher trainers and the YTT-mates really make the training what it is, and ours were wonderful. Their love for the practice and their confidence in us to teach it just radiated. Being a part of amazing group with beautiful souls made my training so enjoyable. Some of my favourite parts of training were discovering: my own Yoga path, my body limitations, my own strength, and deepening my Asana and spiritual practice.

How as the program changed your practice?
Yoga teacher training is hard work. Improving my Yoga knowledge in order to study Yoga philosophy, Anotomy and Asanas, helps me dive deeper into my practice. Connecting with my true self in a deeper way was one of the greatest achievement of the program that change my yoga life not only on the mat but also off the matt in my real life.

Favourite pose?
I love balancing poses. Balance poses offer us both physical and mental benefits. Physically, we strengthen and elongate our muscles, get to know our center of gravity and mentally we practice being present in order to maintain our balance.

Favorite class to take?

I like classes that are more gentle and at a slow pace because I have time to connect to my body and listen to my breath. Being mindful about my body and mind is an important part of my practice. In Winter time I prefer hot classes.

Favourite class to teach?
Since I am a new teacher, I like to teach different styles of Yoga to challenge myself and improve my teaching style.

Advice for yogis looking to enrol in the YTT program? 

Your yoga teacher training will change your life. It could not possibly apply to everyone but if you like Yoga don’t hesitate to start the YTT. You will deepen your asana and your spiritual practices. You will learn the Art of expressing yourself and gain confidence in your abilities.

Do you have a quote that sums up your experience at YTT?

Yoga teacher trainings should really be thought of as inward journeys to fine your true self.