Yoga Teaching Mentorship Program

Teach What You Know. Know What You Teach.

Yoga Tree’s 40 hour Yoga Teaching Mentorship Program

So you finished your first 200 hour yoga teacher training. Now what?

You feel the gap between knowing how to teach yoga and actually teaching yoga. How do you take the knowledge gained about the deep world of yoga and apply it to the even deeper world of teaching?

Ask for help.

The Yoga Tree Mentorship Program is a 40 hour intensive created to close the gap between teacher training and actually teaching. By assigning you a senior teacher, you will be mentored to shadow and assist classes, where you will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively guide students and “hold space” for others.

In class hours will include assignments created to connect you to your authentic teaching voice, a review of the art of sequencing, deeper knowledge of safe hands on adjustments, and a demystification of the business of yoga.



Instructor: Jelayna D.

Jelayna found yoga in 2006. By 2010 it had become her constant companion helping to heal her body and mind after 10 years of competitive rowing, including 4 years on scholarship at the University of Kansas. Graduating with a degree in Psychology, she went on to coach many athletes at home and abroad. In 2013, she completed her 250 hour teacher training at Yoga Tree studios and followed this with a 100 hour hands-on adjustments and Mysore training at Downward Dog studio. A highly respected senior teacher, she shares her knowledge at several studios and many private clients across Toronto. She is a part of the 250 YTT Faculty at Yoga Tree Studios. Her classes are moving meditations, intended to guide students into deeper relationship with themselves by leading them through methodical flows awakening the connection between mind, body and spirit. Encouraging students with light-hearted humour and challenging boundaries with creative sequencing, her hope is is to leave students feeling centered and refreshed, ready to take their yoga off the mat and into their day to day lives

Have Questions?

Further inquiries can be directed to our Teacher Training Program coordinator, or feel free to come to our next info session to learn more about the program and review frequently asked questions:

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