Energy Exchange Program

Yoga Tree is committed to making yoga accessible to all members of our community. Volunteer your time and energy in exchange for unlimited in studio and online yoga classes!

Our energy exchange program is a great way to be an active member of our yoga community and create meaningful connections with your teachers and fellow yogis.

Here’s how it works: In exchange for 2 hours of your time weekly, you are entitled to weekly unlimited in studio and online yoga passes, valid at all of our studios. We are currently seeking EEPs for our Bay & Dundas and Richmond & Spadina locations.


The energy exchange program is the most important part of the day-to-day operations. As an EEP Staff, you are integral to the maintenance, cleanliness, and atmosphere of our studio. Your general duties typically include maintaining the cleanliness of the studio, restocking supplies, disinfecting products, mopping, and assisting front desk staff and students as needed.


You will be allocated one 2 hour shift on a weekly basis, which will occur on the same day and time each week. We both value and rely on our EEP Staff and ask you to be committed to your position while a part of the team. We require a minimum commitment of 12 weeks.

Application Form

Energy Exchange Form
Thank you for your interest in the Energy Exchange Program!

This is CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION and only will be for studio use.

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