FIND answers to commonly asked questions

What if I’ve never done yoga before?

You don’t need to be flexible or strong to start practicing yoga. The more you practice, the more improvement you will notice with each session. We offer a variety of beginners and level 1 classes throughout the week: check our schedules for more information!

What do I need to know before my first class?

Our classes range from 50 to 90 minutes long, so always check the schedule to see how long your class is scheduled to be. Our teachers are available for you to ask questions before and after class.

What should I wear?

Comfortable yoga attire. Something you can easily move your body in, like flowing pants and a supportive top—whatever will allow you to be comfortable during your practice.

Should I eat before hand?

Try not to eat less than an hour before class.

Are we allowed to drink water during sessions?

Of course! It’s important to stay hydrated. It’s not advisable to drink a lot during a session, as it can make you uncomfortable, but a sip here and there – absolutely!

What about studio etiquette?

We ask that you be respectful of others and practice asteya (non-stealing) at Yoga Tree. Additionally:

  • Scent-free environment: unless otherwise specified, our space and our classes are scent-free. The heat in the studio amplifies scents, so please avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or other scents in the studio in consideration of others.
  • Silence in class: please be mindful of your volume in the changing rooms, and observe silence in the studio rooms out of respect for the instructors and your fellow students.

Do I need to register online to attend class?

Yes – Here at Yoga Tree, we reserve the class for online booking and space will be held up to 5 mins prior to class, if you are unable to book; Walk-in spaces are always available on a first-come basis. Reservations are confirmed by pre-payment online and are accessible to individuals with active memberships.

Unfortunately, phone reservations and latecomers cannot be accommodated.

How far in advance can I register for a class?

You can register for a class up to two weeks prior.

When does online registration for a class end?

Registration closes one hour prior to the start of class.

What should I bring?

A water bottle, towel and mat. We’re unable to rent out mats or towels at the moment.

How do I cancel a class that I booked online?

You can cancel a booked class in your MBO (MindBodyOnline) account via the Yoga Tree App or by contacting your studio.

How far in advance do I need to cancel a booked class?

You can cancel up to 6 hour prior to the class start time.

What are the penalties if I fail to cancel a booked class 6 hours prior and/or do not arrive for the class?

If you are a class series holder or single class holder, you will have a class deducted from your account. If you are a studio member, you will be subjected to a $10 No Show Fee.

How hot are your hot yoga classes?

Around 36 – 38°C.

Is an hour (or 50 minutes) long enough?

We know that not everyone has the luxury of 90 minutes to spare for yoga every day. We will make the most of the time you are with us, flowing through an invigorating series to get your heart pumping: an hour is plenty of time for balanced yoga practice. We offer 60, 75 and 90 minute classes on our schedules, for those days when you have more time!

Why hot?

The heat makes the heart and lungs work a little harder – helping you burn more calories, and improve your cardiovascular endurance. Warmth also increases flexibility – easing joints and muscles and helping prevent injury. Sweating also helps us eliminate toxins, cleanse the body and improve quality of sleep.

Can I do Hot Yoga while pregnant?

We do not recommend hot yoga during pregnancy. The heat increases exertion and raises the body temperature – both not entirely safe when pregnant. We recommend finding a great pre-natal or pregnancy-appropriate yoga class, and then joining us for a hot class after the baby is born!

Can children attend classes?

No children under the age of 13 are permitted to practice at our studios. We offer occasional kids’ yoga series, so keep your eyes out for those! Between the ages of 14-16, children may practice with a parent or guardian present. At 16-18, they may practice alone with the signed consent of a parent or guardian on their waiver form. At 18, all people may take classes at Yoga Tree.

How do I sign up for Online LIVE Classes?

Visit our schedule page and register for the  online class that you would like to attend.

Drop-In rate for online classes is $12 per class or $70 Unlimited Online Classes. 

You can also use the Yoga Tree app available on the
Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Simply sign in and register for classes right away.

How much is an Online LIVE Class with a Yoga Tree Instructor?

For a single class it’s $12/class.

If you practice more often, we also have a $70 monthly Unlimited Online Membership for your convenience.

If you love to mix an in-studio classes with the convenience of an Online LIVE practice then the All Access Membership is for you.

Can I use my class cards or auto-renew pass?

Yes, all Yoga Tree Class Cards have been upgraded to All Access Class Cards. This means, you may use any Yoga Tree 10, 20 or 50 class cards towards the Online LIVE class as well as in studio classes. 

Only members of our All Access Membership may use their auto-renew pass towards Online LIVE Classes. Please email us at ask@yogatree.ca for more information.

*During the studio closure, we’ve temporarily upgraded all in-studio only auto-renewing memberships to access to the Online LIVE Classes. This complimentary upgrade will only be available and applicable until the studio reopens.”

How do I access my paid Online LIVE Class?

We’ve partnered with FitGrid and Zoom to bring the Online LIVE Class experience to you.

FitGrid will send you a confirmation once you’ve registered for the class. About 1 hour prior to the start of class, FitGrid will send you the class link.

Our instructors will usually start the class around 5 mins before the start of class. So make sure you have your space prepared for your Online LIVE Class before then.

Please email us at ask@yogatree.ca if you have not received the link to the class at least 30 mins in advance.

*FitGrid is not compatible with Hotmail. If you are a hotmail user, we recommend changing your MindBody email to a different email host. You can do so in account settings or email us at ask@yogatree.ca.

Once I login to my Online LIVE Class, what should I do?

When you receive your link to join the class, click the link and let the video conferencing program load. When the class begins, mute your mic and pin/spotlight the teacher’s video box to maximize the video quality.  

To get the most out of the LIVE experience, we strongly encourage students to leave their cameras on so that teachers can help with student’s alignment and make appropriate suggestions. Ideally, setting your camera so that the long side of your mat is visible and the teacher has a good side view of your practice.

Should I take my Online LIVE class via phone or laptop?

Taking your zoom class via a computer/laptop provides more stable internet connection. Phone wifi tends to be weaker than laptop. 

For best viewing and camera view; if possible use one device (cell phone, laptop, ipad) to stream/record your practice and a second device (TV, iPad) to show the teacher’s screen.

My screen is frozen or choppy?

Try closing any other open application (like other chrome browsers, spotify, gmail). 

Check-in with your family members and ask them to refrain from downloading or doing major streaming while you’re taking the class- if you’re sharing wifi, you will be competing for connection and network speed.  

Pro tips

To achieve the best signal possible at home, we suggests the following tips:

  • Place the router in the middle of your house, not in a side room. This makes the signal more broadly accessible to all areas of your home.
  • Stand your router straight up and make sure, if you have an antenna, that it’s in the upright position, too, even though it can move horizontally in many cases. Facing up is generally the best position.
  • Get your router up off the floor and store it in an elevated position, on a desk or bookcase, for example. 

What is Yoga On Demand?

This is our exciting platform for Yoga Classes on Demand. You can now attend class with your favorite instructors anywhere and anytime you like. You can access classes and stream to your tv, computer and mobile device, taking yoga with you wherever you would like to practice.

Find us at:

How can we watch these videos?

How can I cast it to my TV Screen?

    • You can directly plug your laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable 


    • You can cast it to a Chromecast or Smart TV if you have an Android device 


    • You can AirPlay Display to your Apple TV if you have an Apple device 

How often can we expect new videos?

We’ll be uploading new videos weekly featuring different instructors and styles! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we don’t have what you’re looking for.

You can reach us at ask@yogatree.ca 

I have a problem with my account. (Billing or Technical) Who can I reach?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues. Please email us at ask@yogatree.ca and we’ll get back to you within 1 – 2 business days!