Studio Policies

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Studio Policies
  • Strict no late-entry policy

We do not allow late entry to any classes or workshops for safety reasons. To ensure everyone is ready for their practice, please be on your mat at the start time of class.

  • Class cancellation policy

In order to give everyone a chance to flow, we require notice of cancellation 6 hours or more prior to class start time in order to unreserve your spot and return it to your account. A $10 No Show fee will be charged for a late cancellation.

  • Return and Refund Policy

We do NOT offer refunds on any single classes, class packages, unlimited memberships, workshops, teacher training, gift cards or merchandise. 

  • Mat Rental Policy

In case you forget your yoga mat, we have available yoga mat rentals for $2/class. We also have shower towels and yoga mat towel rentals for $2/class. 

  • Payment must be made prior to the start of class

All payments with the exception of retail items must be made before class begins. 

  • Temporary locker storage

For your security and convenience, lockers are available in our change rooms. Please store all personal belongings in the lockers as they are not permitted in the studio. Lockers are for temporary use only. Unfortunately, overnight storage is not permitted.

Yoga Etiquette
  • Arrive early for classes

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time of class. If you have not checked-in 5 minutes prior to class start time, your spot will be given to a fellow yogi on the waitlist.

  • No jackets, bags, or cell phones in the studio.

Bags, jackets, and cell phones are not allowed in the studio. Please be sure to leave all personal belongings in our complimentary lockers.

  • Please keep studio doors closed

All studio environments are regulated with automatic settings. To ensure that each room stays at the appropriate temperature, we ask that you keep studio doors closed. Also, please avoid adjusting thermostat settings.

  • Silence in class

Speak quietly in the change rooms, but observe silence in the studio out of respect for other students and the instructor.

  • Do not leave class early

Leaving your class prematurely is disruptive to other students. If you feel fatigued or uncomfortable, please lie down on your mat until the end of class.

  • Scent-free environment

Please avoid wearing any perfume or strong scent as other people may have allergies or sensitivities

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