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LIVE Yoga Classes in the Comfort of Your Home

Why Flow on Zoom?
Interact with your teacher in real-time
  • Our teachers watch and respond to what is happening in the present and stay connected as a community in real time.
A time for movement and stillness
  • Working out at home is a lot different than being in classes or at the studio, but carving out time for movement can do wonders for your mind and body.
Staying Connected at A Distance
  • Your favourite Yoga Tree teacher in the comfort of your home.
  • Be a part of a live class with your fellow community members.
  • Allows you the opportunity to ask questions or to better your practice.
Shortest Commute Time
  • Never be late for class again!
Transform Your Space
  • Your home can be a sanctuary, get tips here on how you can transform your space.


Flow with us from home

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Member reviews

Rosalina L

Yoga Tree is awesome. Their in-studio experience is wonderful and their digital technologies make booking and engagement with them easy on a day-to-day basis. I was also impressed with how quickly they pivoted during COVID to provide a variety of options in order to continue our practice (e.g. online classes, on-demand classes), etc.

Natalina R

Attended a live yoga session a few times in the last few months during this pandemic and it has been rejuvenating and peaceful. Allowed me to connect with others with a feeling of belongingness. Instructors are always top-notch and well versed in their yoga practice, with quality teaching and great personalities.

Patricia M

Yoga Tree is always on point!
Irena is an amazing teacher, wonderful guide. Having the option at home is a blessing!
I appreciate their positive and compassionate approach during these times and also love how accessible the live yoga streams are from the comfort and safety of my home. Thank you Yoga Tree!
(Memeber since 2015)

Anna D

I loved the class! My instructor was so warm and welcoming. I was a little nervous to do an online class because of my small space but it worked out really well.

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