10 Ways You Know That You’re Ready for Teacher Training!

As many of you may know, our teacher training program is well underway. This provides a setting for all Yoga Tree students who would like to teach (or simply deepen their own practice) to learn the art and discipline of yoga. We are ecstatic to have such an incredible group with us, and our gratitude goes out to all of those who have supported our teacher training program over the years! We couldn’t do it without you all!

Some of you may have missed the chance to join us this session. Others may have avoided signing up because they are fearful that they will not make good teachers, allowing any physical and mental barriers clouding their desire to expand their world as a yoga teacher. I’d like to take the opportunity to boldly state that anyone can become a yoga teacher. All it takes is practice (and how fortunate it is that we always speak of yoga as a practice).

For those of you who are wondering if it is time for you to more seriously consider our next teacher training session (and for those of you looking for a bit of a chuckle), here is a list of the ten ways to know that you’re ready for the Yoga Tree Teacher Training:

1) You are on a first name basis with all of our staff; from our teachers to our energy exchangers. How can we blame you though? We have such wonderful staff!

2) You use the word “Namaste” as a button in everyday conversation. This includes business meetings, ordering at Starbucks, or as a general goodbye when you part ways with peers.

3) You feel very “off” without your regular practice. If you can’t get a hot yoga in on Monday, the whole week is thrown off.

4) You encourage everyone in your household to join you for a practice… even your pets. If there’s one thing that cats can teach us, it’s how to stay focused on the breath with them sprawling out in our way.

5) You consider yoga pants to be regular, every day attire. Which they are.

6) Your favorite asana is all of them.

7) You feel your heart break whenever someone tells you that they don’t like yoga. It’s a real, physical sensation.

8) Your ideal vacation is all day yoga for an entire week. You could be in Costa Rica or in your own city. Doesn’t matter; yoga all the time!

9) You gauge the possibility of a second date on whether or not the other person does yoga. This is just practical.

10) You can’t stop thinking about teaching. This is the most obvious, but it must be stated. If you think about joining the teacher training on a daily basis, then it’s time to do it! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

We hope that this list has been both entertaining and insightful. Remember, it’s never too late to teach yoga! If you’ve missed signing up for the current session, we’d be more than happy to see you at the next one. In the mean time, please join us for classes and watch how your world expands with the possibility of enriching the lives of others in the same ways that our teachers can enrich yours. Trust us; your mind, body, and soul will thank you!