6 Benefits of an Infrared Sauna Session

There is no better place to curse this cold weather than the infrared sauna at Yoga Tree Bay and Dundas. The infrared sauna is different from conventional saunas in that it uses infrared heaters which create invisible radiant heat – similar to the warmth of the sun but without the UV radiation. These built-in heaters provide a slower and gentler warmth that most people find more tolerable than the high heat of traditional saunas, but that’s not the only benefit that infrared saunas provide… Here’s why you should include infrared sauna sessions in your regimen for optimal health:

1. Relaxation: The sauna benefit we all know and love! The heat from the sauna helps to relax muscles and relieve tension. A session will also work to regulate the production of our primary stress hormone – cortisol – resulting in both mental and physical relaxation.

2. Detoxification: Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the body and can mean even more profuse sweating than a traditional sauna. Released with our sweat are toxins from the environment that routinely accumulate in our bodies. And, this type of sauna tends to release sweat with a higher concentration of toxins as it reaches fat cells and other tissues.

3. Pain relief: Infrared therapy has been shown to reduce stiffness from inflammation, reduce muscle spasms, and provide relief from injury, arthritis, and chronic pain among other ailments.

4. Improved immune system: The warmth created in your body when you sit in a sauna can stimulate the body’s defence mechanisms, and improves cell health through the elimination of toxins so that you will be ready to fight whatever comes your way.

5. Improved circulation: The heated environment also stimulates the flow of oxygen-rich blood in the body, which in turn will lower blood pressure, and aid in muscle recovery.

6. Skin purification: The elimination of toxins, improved circulation and an increase in collagen production results in healthier skin with reduced signs of aging.

‚ÄčInfrared saunas can be very complementary to your yoga practice… and they are complimentary when you purchase a yoga class! If you are visiting just for sauna use, there is a $20 fee. The sauna is available free of charge for those of you on our Introductory Package or Auto-Renew. If you have a class card, feel free to enjoy the sauna before or after your class, but if you come just for sauna use, 1 class will be deducted. We recommend that you sit on the panel side for about 20 minutes to reap the benefits. Enjoy!


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