• Move and Meditate with Angad (Part 2)

  • Angad is a teacher with Yoga Tree who will be hosting a new class on Sunday evenings from 6:15 to 7:15 at Bay and Dundas called “Move and Meditate”. Below she has answered some more questions that relate to meditation

  • Hatha Therapeutics at Yoga Tree

  • Yoga therapeutics have interested me since I took a Core Therapeutics class with a favourite teacher, Shannon Cluff, when I was at school in Vancouver. This class focused on movements that at first seemed simple, but by the 5th rep

  • 30 Day Challenge Yourself

  • The 30 Day Challenge is hard. As relaxing and rejuvenating as yoga can be, getting to the studio can be a quest in itself (especially in this winter weather). I know how difficult it can be to drag yourself out