Celebrating Yoga Rocks the Park


As many of you know, Yoga Rocks the Park was yesterday, and wow, was it ever spectacular! The summer sunshine really decided to give its all to us yesterday, creating a wonderfully joyful atmosphere for all of our outstanding yogis to enjoy complimentary yoga practices, delicious snacks, and awesome music. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Our co-owner, Jason Lu, kicked off the day with a refreshing and revitalizing Yoga Tree Flow to get everybody energized. Once everyone gathered their strength, we went into some Acro Yoga with David Ung. This was quite a challenge, but one that everyone happily stepped up to. Not everyone is a naturally acrobatic person, and we totally understand that. However, the effort that everyone put in was astounding, and a wonderful thing for us to witness.

Last, but certainly not least, we had a little Downward Disco with Michelle Martin. The tunes were infectious, and I think that it’s safe to say that this was an excellent ending for our event! We even saw a little bit of a dance party break out between poses, a thing that definitely gave a good stream of the giggles to some yogis. Who said that yoga always had to be serious?

There was dancing, laughs, and plenty of food to go around! With all of the love from the participants, were raised $122 in donations for L’Arche Daybreak, making our Yoga Rocks the Park a success not only for us, but for those in need. A big hug and a big thanks to everyone who was part of it this year, especially our teachers and Lululemon Promenade! Without all of you, none of this could ever be possible.

See you all in the park next year! Namaste!