Consonant Skin Care Joins OMgoodness

The art and passion of yoga teaches us to live well. Every day of our lives, and in every way possible, we rise to the challenge of living better and finding ways of becoming healthier in mind, body, and spirit. This may include something as complex as a change in diet or routine, or as simple as practicing a few of your favorite yoga asanas every day. Sometimes, it is even as simple as being mindful of the type of products that you use on your face and body. Each little change can make a big difference in how we feel, emotionally and physically.

Over the years, the business of organic and natural skin care has been rising. There is an increasing demand for companies that are not just against animal testing and wasteful packaging, but are also against harmful chemicals. Thankfully, the consumer is now demanding a safer and healthier way of taking care of our beauty needs. That’s where Consonant Skincare comes in.

Consonant Skincare has recently joined Yoga Tree’s OM Goodness Program and we couldn’t be happier! Made from 100% natural ingredients, Consonant Skincare is committed to the overall health of the consumer. “What goes on your body goes IN your body,” says Consonant Skincare Senior Marketing Manager, Kristina Breckon. “The average person uses 20+ personal care products in a day (think deodorant, soap, hand wash, moisturizer, mascara) which adds up to hundreds of chemicals being absorbed into your blood stream. The major benefit of switching to truly natural skin care is that you’re only putting healthy ingredients into your body. We also believe that the ingredients you find in natural skincare perform better than those formulated in a lab. It’s win-win!”

If eating clean and healthy is important to you, using all natural skin care could be the next step. “If you eat healthy food and exercise, it’s important to consider what products you’re putting on your skin and in your body,” says Kristina. “When you practice yoga, particularly hot yoga, your pores open up and the products that you’ve chosen to use can penetrate deeper into the skin. Using natural products is a great way to respect your body since you’re not polluting it with chemicals. When you use good quality natural products, your skin will look better and be healthier than before. Who doesn’t want glowing, healthy skin?”

As caring for the skin is an essential part of every day life, Consonant Skincare likes to keep it simple. “Consonant is a musical term that means ‘harmony,” explains Kristina. “The products are expertly formulated to return your skin to its natural balance. They improve the condition of your skin over time rather than providing temporary relief from any issues. We formulate our products without scent ingredients (not even masking scents) so people with very sensitive skin, eczema, and rosacea are able to use them without any irritation.”

What does OMgoodness means to Yoga Tree students? Our OMgoodness programs rewards Yoga Tree students with perks and discount while shopping at local businesses. Present your Yoga Tree key-tag at Consonant Skincare located at 2479 Yonge St, Toronto to receive a free sample kit of their best selling products.

For more information about product lines and their ingredients, check out David Susuki’s Dirty Dozen Backgrounder (online), There’s Lead in Your Lipstick by Gill Deacon, and Slow Death by Rubber Duck by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie.
To find out more about Consonant Skincare, visit their website at
A big thanks to Kristina Breckon for telling us about all of the fantastic benefits of Consonant Skincare!