Easter and Passover Blessings

This weekend, we observe two important holidays in the Jewish and Christian faith. Though Passover started this past Monday and ends this coming Tuesday, the festivities continue through the Easter weekend, a time that will be celebrated by millions of Christians world wide. Regardless of religion or creed, it marks a restful period for a lot of people, as most businesses are closed for the weekend. This affords us a period of relaxation, reflection, and celebration with our families.

In the Jewish faith, Passover marks the emancipation of the Jewish slaves from the Pharaoh Ramses over 3,000 years ago. In order to help the slaves escape from Egypt, God entrusted Moses to lead them to safety across the Red Sea as ten plagues fell upon the land. The final plague, the death of the first born son, was evaded by the slaves when God instructed them to mark their door with the blood of a spring-slaughtered lamb. This way, the spirit of the Lord would know to pass over their homes, giving the holiday its name.

Easter weekend originates from the story of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. During the Last Supper, Jesus decreed that one of his disciples would betray him. As his discipe Judas informed the Roman guards of his whereabouts at the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus was arrested, tried by Pontius Pilate, and crucified. His body was buried, and after the third day, his body rose from the tomb and ascended into Heaven. It is said that he died to wash away the Original Sin of Man and that he sits at the right hand of God to judge the living and the dead.

Both of these holidays are some of the most sacred in both faiths. It is a time for the people of both faiths to observe the ideas of sacrifice, courage, and unconditional love. Those of the Jewish faith remember the struggle their ancestors went through so that they could be free, and the Christians remember the struggles of their Savior for the freedom of their souls. In both faiths, honor and ancestry are paid tribute, and families are brought together in the spirit of eternal love for each other.

This weekend, many families will come together in love and appreciation for each other. Feasts will be made and friends will be greeted. A weekend off will afford time to all of those who require a moment to breathe, to hold each other in gratitude, and to welcome the coming seasons of joy and prosperity. It’s a beautiful tradition to share, and on behalf of Yoga Tree, a very Happy Easter and Passover to all of our Christian and Jewish students!

Of course, you don’t have to be Jewish or Christian to celebrate and reflect upon the important principles of these traditions. Regardless of your faith, find a moment to reflect upon your ancestors, on the good that we strive for as human beings, and on the love we share with our friends and family. With a long weekend, it may be a time to do something that reminds you of what it means to be gentle with yourself.

Yoga Tree is experiencing a reduced schedule for this Good Friday. Regular hours continue for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Join us for a class on one of your days off and become a part of the spirit of rejuvenation!

All of our love to all of our students this long weekend! Namaste!


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