Keep Your Eyes On Our Prizes

30-Day-Challenge-PrizeThere are only 8 days left in our 30 Day Challenge and we have seen incredible commitment from our dedicated yogis! Whether it’s those last few blank spots left on your sticker card, a personal goal or our awesome prizes – I hope you have something motivating you through this final stretch. It’s been wonderful to see the proud faces of people who might have doubted their abilities and are now encouraged to continue in developing their practice. But we have also seen some exhausted faces – take a restorative class will ya!

As the end draws near we all have our eyes on the prize and this year there are so many great prizes that we don’t even know where to look. Our sponsors have generously donated prize packs to be won at each studio. With successful completion of the 30 Day Challenge, you will be entered into a draw with other successful participants at your home location, and have the chance to win one of many prize packs.

These prizes can all help you to maintain the healthy lifestyle that you’ve cultivated with your regular yoga practice and allow you to treat yourself a bit!

Village Juicery – By now many of you know and love the 100% organic cold-pressed juice made by Village Juicery that we provide in most of our studio locations. Their juice is never HPP’d, is made in Toronto, and is delicious!

Fresh Restaurants – Is it by design that there is a Fresh Restaurant near all of our Yoga Tree Studios or some kind of divine coincidence?! We don’t question it, we just bring in our Yoga Tree key tags when we visit our OMGoodness partners to get 10% off of tasty vegetarian food and made to order juice (Discount is for takeout only!)

Matcha Ninja – Matcha is full of antioxidants and has a number of health benefits. Matcha Ninja’s product is non-bitter, light tasting and has no fillers – just 100% premium matcha that is soluble in water!

Waxon Waxbar – Another one of our OMGoodness partners is offering a prize package that will get you to start living smoother with their state-of-the-art waxing techniques. And they provide Yoga Tree members with 15% off of all services!

Kaia Naturals – This eco-beauty brand is 100% cruelty-free and non-toxic.Kaia naturals makes incredible bamboo face cloths that act as a cleanser, toner and eye makeup remover. They are soaked in vitamins and are perfect way to freshen up post-yoga!

Pure and Simple – Pure and Simple is both a store and a spa that offers products with natural organic ingredients and services that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and good about your choice to go natural! They are also partners with us through the OMGoodness program and offer Yoga Tree members a discount in store.

Consonant Skincare – We really appreciate that Consonant encourages you to contemplate “what goes on your body goes in your body”® with their all natural skin and body care products.. and that they give us free sample packs when we show them our Yoga Tree key tags as OMGoodness partners!

Congratulations on your progress everyone and hope to see you feeling good at the finish line!


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