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For the Love of the Family

Those of you who regularly read this blog will know that I am originally from Nova Scotia. I moved here almost two years ago. Initially shocked at some of the differences between provinces, I settled in, gathering information and educating myself along the way. I let go of some of the old traditions I had been accustomed to and embraced the new Ontarian way of life.

In my first year, I discovered a magical statutory holiday that I had never heard of; ‘Family Day’. The first time I heard it, I thought it was made up. What kind of provincial government acknowledged the importance of time with your family above the tried and honored tradition of going to work on a Monday? Nova Scotia never did anything like that! Despite the fact that my family was still in Nova Scotia, I was incredibly grateful for the day off. There was no way that I could argue with a long weekend.

Since my move, I’ve had to opportunity to speak to more than a few residents of Toronto about what Family Day actually meant to them. For a family that I tutor, it was an annual vacation to the ski slopes. For a friend, it was am extra day that she could spend with her son, sleeping in until the late morning and watching movies until it was time to go to bed again. It meant a lot to the families I spoke to, and I stood back realizing that I had been missing out on something fairly wonderful in my hometown.

I started to understand that it was all far from made up. The province was actually giving everyone a day off to spend with their families! The more I thought about it, the more amazing it was. Missing my own family, I smiled fondly with the idea that others who wouldn’t normally have the time off would get an extra day to enjoy their little ones, visit their grandparents, or grab some brunch with mom and dad.

We all get very busy. Every time the work load piles up, we need to stop and remind ourselves of our priorities. Although the smaller priorities tend to go towards our health goals (i.e. exercising) and immediate concerns (i.e. balancing the budget), our main priority often sits with our families. The tragic irony is that we sometimes forget the people who are with us from the beginning to the end, whether we like it or not. It’s because of this that our families sometimes take the back seat to things like stress or hectic schedules.

I’m glad that I’ve encountered Family Day. If it weren’t for my move to Ontario, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn about how time with the ones we love enriches our spirits and minimizes the pressures of our every day existence. Every province should have Family Day. It would give us all the chance to take a proper pause on our busy schedules to really understand what it means to be a part of a family. I urge everyone to do something this Family Day that will bring you all together. A movie, a walk, a trip, and many laughs are always the key to a perfect day with the ones who will never leave you behind. A yoga class for the whole family at Yoga Tree would be an amazing activity for everyone~

Happy Family Day, yogis! May it be filled with love and gratitude for one another!

Contributing author: Lauren Messervey.
Lauren is the social media coordinator for Yoga Tree. An avid Yogi with a love for Tree Pose, she is originally from Atlantic Canada and joined the bustling city of Toronto in June of last year. You may find her in the Midtown region, practicing Yoga or blogging for Yoga Tree. She is currently completing her first novel, set to be released Spring 2014.