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Yin & Kombucha Workshop: Meet Sabrina Cooper

Our Yin and Kombucha workshop is coming up on November 18th, hosted at Yoga Tree Vaughan. Yoga Tree senior instructor Amanda will be guiding students in a relaxing yin practice followed by an info session on kombucha with Culinary Nutrition Expert Sabrina Cooper.

We spoke with Sabrina about her fermentation fascination, her favourite kombucha flavours and her career in the field of health and wellness.

Tell us about your work as a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

Sabrina Cooper: After twenty years  in the dental profession I decided I wanted to follow my passion of preparing healthy foods and helping people get their health back, so I completed my certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. My work includes creating health protocols to help heal and support those who are diagnosed with auto-immune diseases, allowing them to make healthier food choices that become part of their lifestyle.  I enjoy creating culinary and fermentation workshops giving people the opportunity to learn and incorporate new things into their world. I am also collaborating and partnering with the Education Involved Advocacy Group creating curriculum that integrates nutrition within their students programming. 

How did you become interested in Fermentation?

SC: Fermentation peaked my interested when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis an autoimmune disease and began a health protocol to begin healing from the inside out.  As I started to dive deeper into the root causes I realized that I had leaky gut and needed to focus my attention on what I could do to heal.  After much reading and researching about the benefits of fermented foods and beverages I knew this was something I needed to start incorporating on my journey to health. 

Your work often focuses on a lifestyle change as opposed to a “diet mentality”, why do you make this important distinction?

SC: I am not a big fan of the word “diet” because everyone is different and that being said what is good for one person doesn’t always hold true for others.  Working one on one with each person allows me to address the individuals concerns so that I can help them heal with the foods that are right for their needs.  Once changes to benefit their health are integrated they are not considered a “diet” but become part of their lifestyle.

Did you love kombucha at first sip or was it an acquired taste?

SC: I did love kombucha at first sip but after making my own I love it even more.  No offence to all my fellow kombucha brewers but I like that I can create the flavours I enjoy along with how sweet, or tart the brew is. 

What are your favourite flavours of Kombucha?

SC: Thats a really tough question but I would have to say that ginger is my go to, but lately I have been liking Beet flavoured kombucha along with Rose/Cardamom. If you ask my husband, he will say his is jalapeño flavour.

What is the trickiest part of making your own kombucha at home?

SC: Finding that balance that is right for you. Temperature, strength of the tea, amount of  sugar, health of the SCOBY can all play integral roles in the outcome of your brew, so just like us, each batch may be a little different, 

And how did you meet Amanda O’Malley?

SC: I was one of Amandas students at the original Yoga Tree Studio, loved her energy as well as her classes and our friendship unfolded from there. So grateful to be able to collaborate on this workshop together and share our passions with the community.

All photos by Maiden to Mother Photoart: Nikolina Zelic