Mother’s Day Love to All…

There are some days of the year that are important to not forget. Of course, we never forget holidays (how can we? Those are our days off!) We remain vigilant for birthdays, marking them down on calenders and serving up thousands of reminders so that we can let the loved ones in our lives know how much we care. In all cases, the one day that we can never let slip; Mother’s Day.

Sometimes we forget about how much our mothers actually do for us. As we grow older and our lives become busier, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep Mom’s hard work in mind. We know that she helped raise us, that she was there for us during all the tough scrapes, and that no matter how many times we tried to escape out of our bedroom window when we were supposed to be sleeping as teens, she loved us all the same. Even still, the day of International Mother appreciation seems to slip our minds more often than any other date (Mother’s Day is THIS coming Sunday, May 11th. You’re welcome). But even if the date doesn’t stick as much as it should, we must take the time to not forget Mom’s hard work.

There was a video circulating around the internet a few weeks ago that had a man Skype interviewing candidates for “the hardest job in the world.” In the interview, the man describes the conditions; no breaks, no pay, no sleep, always on call, no holidays or weekends off, etc. Each candidate refused the job outright, saying the the conditions sounded “inhuman” and wondered how it was that a company could get away with treating any employee that way. At the end of the interview, the interviewer asks the candidates if they’d like to know what position they were interviewing to. They agree, and he reveals that the job is for “being a mom.” All of the candidates laugh and reflect upon the important message that was conveyed in the interview.

We never really think that way about it. Everything that our mothers do for us counts as a full time, unpaid, break-less, holiday-less position. It becomes overwhelming when it’s put into such a context as that! Everything your mom does and has done for you is for free. She doesn’t have to work so hard, but she does it simply because she loves you. That’s a pretty amazing thing! A mother’s love is unconditional, and it is no small feat for her to support a child (or children) through the trials and challenges of our world. One day probably isn’t enough to show Mom the proper appreciation, but knowing her, she loves you for making the time and effort.

This Mother’s Day, bring your mother to her favorite Yoga Tree studio for a free practice. Nothing says that you care more than inspiring someone you love to live a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle! On top of that, if Mom would like to deepen her practice a little more, invite her to come to our Teacher Training Open House from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. It may just be the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day together.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there. We wish you all a blissful, restful day filled with all the love and appreciation you deserve! Namaste!


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