OM TO Event Recap


This past Saturday saw the OM TO event in the Distillery District of Toronto, and wow, what an amazing time! The weather was incredible, the turn out humbling, and we were blessed with a magnificent yoga class led by our very own Amanda O’Malley to kick it all off. A big round of a applause and a hearty “thank you” to all those who joined us for this event. We couldn’t have done it without you!

OM TO landed on the first day of Summer, a prime time to wake up and salute the sun in preparation for another glorious round of warmth and wellness. Staying active is not always the first thing on the mind as the summer months return, but it is just as important to keep your mind and body active during the warmer months as it is during the winter. It is our hope that we helped to inspire all of our beautiful yogis and yoginis to grow with their practice all year round, to join in the calm and release of the breath and strength of mind, body, and soul. Inspiration is the fruit of every creative seed, so remember to stay strong with your practice and never stop enjoying a good stretch!

We welcomed our students with open arms and had the pleasure of a welcoming new ones. The crowd was wonderfully diverse; we had some of our faithful advanced practitioners enjoying the early morning sun and we were overjoyed to see some beginners giving their all for their first, second, or third yoga practice. Some people even stuck around to try some of the other classes afterwards! Talk about dedication!

Of course, we can’t talk too much about Yoga Tree’s OM TO involvement without talking about Amanda O’Malley’s sensational class. Amanda’s unique blend of strength training, stretching, and spirituality make for the perfect class as an introduction to yoga or as a way of deepening your existing practice. We heard wonderful feedback from the attendees of the class (Amanda always gets rave reviews), and we were thrilled to have Amanda in her teaching role this weekend. A big “thank you” to her as well! (If you’d like more information on Amanda and her style of teaching, take a look at her Teacher Feature on our blog).

This summer, we have an incredible offer to help you continue your practice. We’re offering two months of unlimited yoga at any of our Yoga Tree locations for only $199 plus HST! Don’t miss out on the perfect way to keep your stretch going through the summer months! You must sign up before July 14th!

Thank you all, once again, for the pleasure and the privilege of being with you all during the OM TO event. Namaste!


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