• Why are you charging?!
  • Hi there! This past week, Yoga Tree and so many other businesses were faced with the stark reality as rent obligations continued to come as clockwork.  Due to these obligations and the costs associated with running these classes, we were led to the heartbreaking realization that we cannot continue to operate every class on a complimentary basis.  We hope you will continue to support your favorite teacher at Yoga Tree via Zoom. 


  • How do I sign up for Zoom Classes?
  • Login via www.yogatree.ca and go to schedule and register for the Zoom class

  • How much is a class on Zoom with a YT instructor?
  • For a single class it’s $12/class. If you practice more often, it would be more economical for the avid yogi to consider the weekly auto renew membership $25 with a maximum of  3 classes a week


  • Can I use my class cards or auto-renew pass?
  • Yes, if you had purchased your class card directly at the studio, you can use class card.
    We unfortunately don’t allow Zenrez class package

    Auto-renew membership – Yes, please email ask@yogatree.ca  to get this activated. 


  • How do I login to my paid class on Zoom? Do I need a Zoom account?
  • ZOOM is a free software for download. We will be sending a login to your zoom class 10 minutes prior to the start of class on zoom.  


  • Once I login to my Zoom Class, what should I do?
  • When class begins, turn off your zoom video and pin the teacher video to maximize the video quality (then, turn it back on when class is finished to connect).  


  • Should I take my ZOOM class via phone or laptop?
  • Taking your zoom class via a computer/laptop provides more stable internet connection. Phone wifi tends to be weaker than laptop. 

  • My screen is frozen or choppy?
  • Try closing any other open application (like other chrome browsers, spotify, gmail). 

    Check-in with your family members and ask them to refrain from downloading or doing major streaming while you’re taking the class- if you’re sharing wifi, you will be competing for connection