Spotlight on Yoga; Core Flow

Unlike a lot of the other forms of yoga that we have spotlighted on our blog, Core Flow is not specifically a type of yoga, but more a style that integrates various forms to one goal; tightening and strengthening the core and back.

The term “flow” is the first clue as to how this style is integrated. Vinyasas are taken between sequences of poses, building heat in the body as it moves. Poses are specific towards core and back strengthening, so you can expect a lot of high and low plank, boat pose, back bends, and side planks! Additionally, some teachers like to integrate pilates into this style of yoga. The sky is the limit!

Because this style of yoga is so “free-flowing”, you will never find any set class or sequence. The core strengthening techniques depend upon the teacher. Often, teachers will communicate with the students beforehand to see if there are any specific aspects of the core they would like to work on during the class. As concerns are gathered, the teachers are able to tailor-fit a class towards the needs of the students.

When attending Core Flow, be prepared to work! It’s always a good idea to bring a bottle of water, as you will likely be sweating from all of your hard work. Most people find that having two blocks and a strap nearby their mat can also be helpful if there are any poses that are particularly challenging for them.

Because of it’s free-structured nature, Core Flow is for any level of practitioner, but it is often a good idea to try a gentler form of yoga if you are a beginner (some of the asanas can be a bit challenging). Advanced practitioners will get an excellent stretch while early practitioners will begin to immediately feel the benefits of a strong, challenging practice. Both groups will receive an excellent work out! It can be said that pilates enthusiasts will immediately gravitate towards this form of yoga.

At all of our studios, students can benefit from a Core Flow class! Refer to our schedules at any Yoga Tree studio to try your first class today! Namaste!