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Spring is in the Air (Thank Goodness!)

I don’t think that there’s a single person in Toronto who can deny that this past winter has been the absolute worst. It was dark, gloomy, frigid, and at times, it appeared to be never-ending. There were times when we had all forgotten what it was like to feel the warm sun on our skin. Summer was a memory, a rumor created by the cities of the south that experienced their release from winter’s clutches months before we did.

As I sit in the studio today and look out the window, I see the return to spring. I was all more than a fable after all! We can finally walk outside without the shield of a puffy winter jacket, and most passers by are wearing their sunglasses with pride. Spring is finally here, yogis, and with it, our excitement for the coming summer months grows.

Around the studio, I have been speaking to some of my fellow yogis about what the warmer weather means for them. For all people, there is a “spring” in their step that had not been there before. It spreads a sense of hope to everyone who witnesses it, allowing us to shrug off the dreary state that we had fallen into during the winter months. We’d all forgotten what it was like to be excited about going outside. Many people have shared that sense of renewal with me, especially during the past week.

For others, spring represents a new opportunity. The change of the seasons offers the promise of something exciting and different. Spring has always been equated with new beginnings, and so many yogis devote this time to renewing a yogic vow, or creating a few new ones. Devoting a resolution to your practice is the perfect thing to jump start a spring routine, whether your goal be to stay in shape, or to find a greater sense of harmony in yourself.

Of course, we always speak of spring cleaning at this time of year. There’s nothing better to increase the flow of energy in your personal space than the removal of old things that have “blocked” you over the winter. The relief that washes over you as you put your winter coat to rest for the season is almost unbelievable! Have a sweep of your house, remove some old clutter, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will feel better in no time.

At Yoga Tree, we’re just as excited about spring’s long-awaited arrival. With a well cared for schedule in each of our locations, we invite all yogis to share in the beauty of the season with us. With the light lasting longer and longer every day, be sure to treat yourself to an evening Restorative class with a look out into the sapphire skies, or enjoy a hot class in enough time to catch the sunset. Any class will be sure to fill you with the kind of vigor that is unique to the magic of spring.

And don’t forget about what’s new and upcoming for Yoga Tree this May! Our Bay and Dundas location will be open just in time for the season’s end! Who doesn’t love walking through the streets, alive with blossoms, as they make their way a brand new yoga studio? It might be nice to grab a sauna at the studio before you head back out into the gorgeous life of a budding city!

From all of the staff at Yoga Tree, we wish you a happy spring! Here’s to new beginnings, yogis, and to a sense of bliss that will last all year long!