Teacher Feature; Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin, Yoga Tree Instructor & Lululemon Ambassador

Yoga can find us during an important transition in our lives. For some people, it’s a during a great evolution of soul and spirit. For others, the relationship with yoga can develop after a milestone in their life. For Michelle Martin, the milestone beckoned, transforming her in the yogi that she is today.

Michelle first began practicing yoga after the birth of her first child, eighteen years ago. When she was looking to deepen her practice, teaching yoga became a personal journey on her path to fulfillment. “Although my previous careers have been fulfilling on many levels, there was always something missing,” says Michelle, “Yoga provides the opportunity to connect with people and communities on a deeper, more meaningful level.”

From there, Michelle came to Yoga Tree to join us in our Teacher Training Program. “I graduated from the Yoga Tree Teacher Training Program studying under Jason Lu and Karin Charuz,” she says, “Their inspiration and guidance inspires me to continue studying and practicing every day. The Yoga Tree community is my extended family, providing me with the support I need as a teacher to continuously give my best to myself, and to the greater community each day.”

It’s no wonder with that sense of family that Michelle feels as though she can continue to grow with the Yoga Tree community. “A yogi does not grow and thrive in isolation. As you give to your students and community, your “yoga home” fills you back up so you can give again tomorrow. The diversity of yoga styles offered at Yoga Tree sets the studio apart. As an instructor, you have to opportunity to expand your repertoire of skills beyond your initial foundational training and learn from some of the best instructors in the industry.”

When working with beginners, Michelle likes to ensure that her students relinquish themselves of all expectations and allow the practice to evolve naturally. “Many times I am approached by new yogis with very specific questions like, ‘How long will it take me to achieve a handstand?’, or ‘How long will it take me to lose 10 pounds?” she says, “The greatest advice I can impart is to allow yourself to experience yoga without expectation. Our daily lives are supremely goal driven. Yoga, taken in the moment, devoid of expectation, directs the practitioner to ‘goals’ they may not know existed. Stay open in your mind, body, and spirit to reach your true potential.”

Be sure to catch one of Michelle’s outstanding classes at our Eglinton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan location. Heated core, hot flow, hot detox, and chakra work are her specialties!


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