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Teacher Feature; Parry Mo


It’s been fifteen years since Parry Mo first started his yoga practice, and even now he says that he would have never expected it to take him to where he is now. “At that time, I didn’t know what I was doing or if I was doing anything at all,” he says, “I never had a teacher back then and I never expected anything to happen. I just felt happier meditating whenever I felt things weren’t going well. I was flexible, but I had been abusing my body. I was a mechanic for 20 years with many long hours, and it was after I couldn’t move for the first time that I started a physical practice.”

Teaching yoga was a matter of sharing experiences for Parry, for connecting with other people and sharing the joy and benefits of being a yogi. “I wanted to help or inspire others to practice, although I focus on the physical aspect of Yoga,” he says, “I am always willing to share my experiences and talk about the spiritual/mental practice. My wish is for every person to find the many physical benefits of a strong and healthy body. I believe some of the physical stress we have manifests into mental burdens, not having the ability to move without pain. Not everyone is looking for a spiritual connection, and even if they were, they may find it difficult to enter into a deeper self-awareness due to their physical limitations. That is the reason why I also teach restorative style Yoga.”

Parry took his Yoga Teacher Training right at our very own Yoga Tree, graduating in the weekend intensive July class of 2013. “It was more work than I expected, but I wasn’t surprised by the difficulty I had or the amount of material I was given. I had amazing teachers; Jason Lu, Karin Charutz, Mary Foren, Elysia Baldassarra, Matthew Remski and Lina Andreacchi, and they made me more aware of the impact a good Yoga practice could have on yourself and others. It also solidified my believe that being a good person, having positive thoughts, giving and helping others may be the greatest gift we have.”

Because of his desire to selflessly expand the life of others, Parry is coming to terms with the true nature of growing as a teacher with Yoga Tree. “Sometimes I feel guilty because teaching and sharing my practice with others brings me so much joy,” he says, “I don’t even feel like I am doing them a service, rather I feel they are helping me. I was in the process of leaving a well paying job to become a Yoga teacher and to focus on my practice. Fortunately enough, my transition was made easier when I was hired by Centennial College (I teach for the School of Transportation Automotive Service Technician apprenticeship program), and I haven’t been happier! I teach at Yoga Tree Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Midtown, because I enjoy meeting new students, sharing ideas, seeing different aliments, and listening to their stories. I try not to impose my ideas on people, but rather allow them to see if what I do is beneficial to them. I teach what they need and what I want. Unless I have to, I try to stay behind to allow students to ask questions. Their questions and comments allow for me to find ways to improve.”

As a beginner, it’s important to allow all emotions, including frustration, to become a natural part of the process. “Enjoy all your disappointments, failures, happy memories, and sadness in all aspect of you days,” advises Parry, “It doesn’t matter if you are more interested in a physical or spiritual practice. Know what you want. It is important to know
which of the 8 limbs of yoga you are looking for in yourself and in the world you live in.”

Parry admits that he actually has a love for all of the asanas. “I love them all; they all have their own uniqueness to them, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Half Moon Pose, Ardha Chandrasana. The pose shows power, softness, flexibility, strength, grace, peacefulness, and calm. The difficulty and the simplicity of the pose, the variation (going in and out of the pose) is like life itself; the more you force it, the harder it is to stay. I love this pose so much that I use it in my restorative class!”

Be sure to check out one of Parry’s restorative classes (or any of his classes for that matter) at our Midtown, Vaughn, or Richmond Hill location. They’re not to be missed!