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Teacher Feature: Sandy

Meet Sandy, one of the instructors that helps make Yoga Tree the community that it is today. We recently had the opportunity to talk to her about her yoga journey…

What does Yoga mean to you?

For me, yoga is a way of living. It answers the questions of ‘how’ and ‘why’ to most of the important issues in my life.

How do you prepare for your practice? 

Besides having clothing, water and my yoga mat, I don’t. Every practice is in service to the moment it begins. It’s a lovely dance between what your body is asking for and what the soul and energetic body needs. Sometimes a large part of the practice is just figuring that out.

How do you prepare for a class you lead? 

Before every class, I take a moment to commit to my ‘why’. Why have I been called here? Why in this space specifically? Why for these people? These questions help centre me and prepare me to give my all to anyone who shows up.

How did you get started teaching? 

It was largely Jason, the co-founder and lead teacher at Yoga Tree, who pushed me towards it. He believed in me from the beginning and pushed me to teach my first class. After that first class, I knew that this was my calling. The ability to positively change an entire room’s energy and mood with 60 minutes is incredible. Not only does teaching empower me, but it proved to me that a change possible within all of us. It’s a superpower, and I am forever grateful that Jason believed that I had it before I did.