Thai Restorative Workshop


FullSizeRender (1)Thai Restorative is back! If you missed the last two sold out workshops, now is your chance to join Heather and Kate in two blissful hours of relaxation. Heather and Kate did their Thai massage training together and then later discovered that they both teach at Yoga Tree – and thank goodness! As a result they are able to provide a workshop that combines a restorative practice with Thai massage. The restorative class will allow you to relax into postures that provide a deep stretch supported by blocks, bolsters and blankets. You will have plenty of time to rest in each posture in order to relieve tension in targeted areas. As you get comfortable in these positions, Kate and Heather will come around and apply Thai massage which includes palm pressing and stretching to deepen the stretch. Space is limited in the workshop so that everyone will receive plenty of hands-on attention from the instructors – so be sure to sign up early!

My knowledge of Thai Massage is quite limited (unfortunately) so I asked one of the instructors, Heather, to tell me a bit more about it in case anyone out there is in the same boat!

Could you explain to be what Thai massage is? 

Heather: Thai massage is practiced fully clothed on a mat on the floor. No oils are used, and the massage technique is compression rather than movement based. It also involves passive stretching – the practitioner moves the client through assisted yoga-like stretches to facilitate muscle and fascial relaxation.

What inspired you to get involved with Thai massage?

Heather: I’ve always been interested in massage and bodywork. I had an opportunity to do an intro Thai massage course, and it made such a difference to my injuries and chronic pain that I fell in love the first day!

How do you find that Thai massage complements a restorative practice? 

Heather: Thai massage is a very mindful, meditative form of massage for both the giver and the recipient, so it ties in really well with the spirit of restorative yoga. Many restorative yoga poses lend themselves to the application of Thai massage touch techniques and facilitate getting deeply into tight areas of musculature in a slow, compassionate way for long-lasting relief from muscle tension and stress.

This workshop takes place on Sunday May 29th from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at Richmond and Spadina. See the Workshops page for more details and to sign up!


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