Welcome Diane and Marianne, Our New RMTs!

Joining our team at the Bay Dundas Wellness Center are Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) Diane Iantorno and Marianne Vegh! There are many excellent reasons to see both these ladies, as each has her own personal style and background to bring to the table.

wc-marianneMarianne Vegh has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, and attributes her long career to her yoga practice. The manual labour of being a massage therapist can take quite a toll on the body of a therapist, but Marianne has been an RMT for 16 years and is still going strong! Having practiced yoga extensively herself, she is able to relate to yogis coming in and can recommend certain yoga poses or stretches to help solve imbalances or pain.

Marianne believes that massage can be used to help prevent injury by releasing stress on an ongoing basis instead of letting tension build up enough to cause problems later. She also believes that massage therapy can help you get a sense of where you tend to hold tension and the patterns of any imbalances in your body. This awareness helps you as you move through your day-to-day activities, and may also serve to prevent further imbalances or injury. Furthermore, she believes that the massage appointment itself helps you work on being present and in the moment, which is something all you yogis are already interested in striving for!

With a background dealing with chronic stress, pain management, motor vehicle accidents, muscle spasms, postural imbalances, and reduced range of motion, Marianne uses massage techniques such as trigger point therapy to target problem areas and bring an increased flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles. She is excited to be working in our Yoga Tree studio, where she feels there is a healthy focus on taking a moment for yourself and connecting with someone to further your personal wellbeing.

wc-dianeDiane Iantorno is a woman of many talents- along with being an RMT, she is also a yoga teacher and a soon-to-be certified Ayurvedic practitioner! According to Diane, becoming a yoga teacher really illuminated for her the need for balance between strength and flexibility in the body. So often when we think of being relaxed or doing yoga, we think only of flexibility, but too much flexibility without the proper support of strength can also lead to injury. As someone interested in and with a knowledge base of Ayurveda, Diane is also able to pick up on differences in individuals’ constitutions and personalities and can adjust her treatment accordingly.

Diane believes that in our externally-focused culture, things like yoga and massage really help bring the focus to an important place – inward! In her opinion, the body is the gateway to the deeper layers of consciousness, and starting to get a sense of where our bodies are at can help us to understand a little more about ourselves, whether it is focusing on the actual origin of chronic shoulder pain in the body, or realizing how much tension you still hold onto at a base level. As you get used to massage therapy and develop more trust in your practitioner, you can work on surrendering and releasing more muscular tension, and this deeper level of relaxation also permeates to the level of your mind and nervous system.

Among other treatment offerings, Diane offers massages for prenatal comfort, which aims to relax the body as it goes through the rapid changes that pregnancy brings. As the baby grows and the body changes to accommodate, abdominal muscles shift and separate, and muscle tension may be created in the hips and belly. By massaging the diaphragm, she can relieve shallow breathing and any additional tension that such breathing may itself cause. Along with general muscle relaxation, Diane offers the option of an abdominal massage using a light touch. Diane says the experience can be a great bonding experience for mom and baby, as you can feel the baby respond to the touch by either quieting down or becoming more active. 

If you are interested in learning a bit more about Diane or Marianne, check out their bios on the Wellness Center page of our website, or put yourself first and go get some wonderful relaxation by booking yourself a massage appointment with them!
Have a great long weekend yogis, enjoy the sunshine! 🙂


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