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Wrap up of the 30 Day Challenge

As many of you know, our Yoga Tree 30 Day Challenge is coming to a close. It was an amazing experience for all, and we were so happy to share the journey with so many!

During the month of February, we challenged our dedicated yogis to experience twenty yoga classes. The challenge included an extension of practice by trying a form of yoga that participants may not have had the opportunity to experience before, whether it be heated yin or a Hatha Flow. We were ecstatic to see the studios packed every day, filled with eager yogis who were looking to stamp their challenge cards and get down to business!

There were some wonderful stories shared by those who passed through the studios. One gentleman said that he wouldn’t miss the challenge, jumping at the opportunity to come into the studio every day and see so many familiar, smiling faces. Another woman said that she never had the chance to experience the classes offered by different teachers. She was used to going to one specific class every week, and the 30 Day Challenge offered her motivation to meet some different teachers. Every reason was different. Every reason had a story.

One woman told a very inspiring story. She had been suffering from the aftermath of a severe injury to her leg and was looking for a way of gently strengthening and toning the muscles so that she could regain her confidence and mobility. She thought that the 30 Day Challenge was the perfect opportunity to motivate herself back to health. Though it was difficult at first, the woman was dedicated to her cause, and by the end of February, she found that some of her strength had returned. It was incredible to see her regain confidence in her abilities to become stronger, despite any obstacles in her path.

In the end, that appears to be the heart of the 30 Day Challenge. Every one came in with something different, but at the close of the challenge, each person leaves with a newly found confidence in their practice. As teachers and staff at Yoga Tree, we were overjoyed to share these experiences with our students. While the winter draws to a close, we hope that the inspiration will continue into the spring and bring us a blissful start to the warm, summer months.

Do you have any experiences with the 30 Day Challenge that you’d like to share? Feel free to share on our Facebook page (Yoga Tree Studios) or on our Twitter (@Yoga_Tree). We’d love to hear from you about what inspired you. Namaste!