How Yoga Can Improve your Relationships

Though spring is traditionally the time when ”love is in the air,” a person can get bitten by the love bug at any time during the year. As wedding season is drawing to a close, the single ladies (and men) often find themselves longing for that special someone, a desire for that deep connection that occasionally eludes us all. It`s hard to develop relationships, whether they be personal, professional, or romantic. All human beings need connection to thrive, and it sometimes seems impossible to build the groundwork that will allow for them to flourish.

As we explore the intricacies of deep connection, we are confronted with the possibility that what we are really looking for doesn`t come from the external. It comes from the internal, the relationship that we have with ourselves. This is what inspires us to open ourselves to loving and being loved, to allow a vulnerability and openness that ultimately brings us closer to the relationships we need. It affords a cycle of growth, both personal and interpersonal. It is because of this that every relationship in our lives is truly connected.

In order to understand relationships, we must start by looking inwards at the relationship we have with ourselves. This can occasionally be a bit of a challenge, but if we are able to discover the perfect vehicle for a required transformation, the process becomes smoother. How lucky we are to discover that yoga is actually a very powerful tool in nourishing that very special ”spark” in our journey towards self-love.

Yoga is one of the most self-loving, self-nourishing practices that you can integrate into your life. With proven positive effects on the muscle tissues, joints, back, lymphatic system, and cardiovascular system, the physical benefits of yoga are endless. In addition, the calming and centering effect on the mind can do wonders for managing stress, and improving sleep and general well-being. With all of these in mind, a regular yoga practice can do wonders to nurture your most important relationship, the relationship with yourself!

As you and your self-care grow and evolve, you will see that there will be an incredible change in your relationships. For those hopeless romantics, you may find yourself attracting better partners, becoming more grounded in the choices that you make, and learning more about the type of person you want to be with. With the blossoming of your own heart, you will often find the blossom of love in others. When your inner world changes, you will see the external world reflect it. Breathe deeply, strike a yoga pose, and watch it bloom!

Let your journey to self-love begin at our new Bay and Dundas location, opening on September 22, 2014. We would love to hear about your journey and the inspiring changes we see around you!



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