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Fight Desk Pain with our April 6 Workshop ‘Find Peace in Release’

Lacrosse Ball workshopDid you know that Canadians sit for an average of 10 hours everyday? When you do the math that adds up to a significant amount of time being sedentary! Desk life can have an impact on our bodies from tight muscles to postural imbalances. Some combat the tightness and stiffness with yoga, and others make use of regular visits to a massage therapist… but what would happen if we combined both together in a workshop that included a guided flow, a yin practice, and a lacrosse ball?

You get Yoga Tree’s April 6, Find Peace in Release Workshop at Bay & Dundas!

We’re so happy to bring the combined expertise of yoga instructor Cheri Johnson & Registered Massage Therapist Kelly Barnes in this unique workshop. Not only do they share an understanding of the anatomy and function of the muscles that cause common desk pain, they will share with participants how to properly stretch and release these muscles using innovative and effective techniques – like using a lacrosse ball.

Unlike a foam roller, which is great for targeting large muscle groups, the lacrosse ball is ideal for localized relief. It is one of the three key components of the Find Peace in Release Workshop and a tool that should be in every office worker’s wellness kit – if not just for how efficient the Lacrosse ball tackles muscle pain, also for how little time is needed to reap the following benefits:

  • Effectively release soft tissue, relieving pain and improving overall performance and function of the muscle.
  • They are small and strong, so they bring “laser precision” to muscle rolling!
  • Can help to speed recovery time after an intense workout.
  • A little goes a long way! 10-60 seconds on one spot, or an overall rolling time of 10 minutes, is all you need.

When added into a routine that helps us to stay limber when our computer-driven lives keep us tethered to a desk, the Lacrosse ball can be an amazing tool. Tips on how to effectively incorporate this alongside how to maximize stretching will all be covered in the workshop on April 6th! We highly recommend registering for this unique two-hour session immediately, as space is limited to 25 people.

Find Peace in Release Workshop:

Location: Yoga Tree Bay & Dundas

Date: April 6, 2019, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Registration: Sign Up Now – space is limited to 25 participants!