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My YTT Journey: Darya

Meet Darya, one of our Yoga Teacher Training Graduates that calls Yoga Tree their home!

How and when did you discover yoga? 

I discovered yoga about ten years ago when my friend took me to my first yoga class. I knew nothing about it and had no idea what it was.

When did you decide you wanted to be an instructor? 

I think over the years as I started practicing on my own and at a studio, people kept asking if I was an instructor and that got me thinking maybe I could become one and share my practice with others.

Why did you choose Yoga Tree to pursue your training? 

I chose Yoga Tree’s YTT simply because, in the past as a volunteer, and currently as a staff member, I have been seeing people signing up for the training and hearing their feedback and how transformational it was for them. I am happy I did it with Yoga Tree!

How as the program changed your practice? 

The teacher training helps you so much to take a step back, slow down and see a bigger picture. The change in the perspective from which I saw my own practice, and understanding the practice of Yoga in general was the biggest thing I learned. It takes you out of the place of ego and puts you in a state of an observer: no judgements, no expectations, just moving, breathing, holding, one moment at a time.

Do you have a favourite pose?

I’ve always loved heart openers, sometimes they allow you to release so much emotions it’s overwhelming, but so necessary for our mental health and mindful living.

How about your favourite class to take?

Hot Hot Hot! Love the feeling of sweat of my skin as I’m flowing through a sequence. It’s also a great way to engage even more mindful breathing to be able to cool the body down.

…and favourite class to teach?

All types are amazing, there’s something different and yet the same in each class. Seeing students focused on their practice, letting go, bringing themselves back to balance and breathing together is so satisfying.

Advice for yogis looking to enrol in the YTT program?

Just do it! I’ve been hesitant for a long long time and I wish I’d done my YTT sooner. Just go for it and if you really enjoy your yoga you’ll find YTT a life changing experience!